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Dollhouse Furniture, Dollhouse Dolls & Dollhouse Families

Dollhouse furniture at The Doll House Elora is 1:12 scale, with a few exceptions of 1:24 scale. Dollhouse furniture in individual pieces or in room groupings. We have a wide selection of dollhouse accessories, dollhouse furniture and dollhouse dolls to choose from.

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Dollhouse Building Kits and Supplies

Kits for building dollhouses are available from The Doll House Elora in a variety of designs. If you would like to create a dollhouse from plans, we offer several options as well and can supply you with dollhouse building supplies such as dollhouse shingles, dollhouse wooden strip siding, and interior design items such as 1:12 scale dollhouse wallpaper and dollhouse flooring.

Dollhouse Furniture & Doll house Accessories and Wonderful Dollhouse Dolls

We offer dollhouse furniture from Aztec Miniatures, Handley House, Miniworld, Houseworks and more. Decorating your dollhouse and finding the right dollhouse accessories can create amazingly realistic room settings. Your dollhouse will shine with interior lighting, we offer many styles of dollhouse lamps and dollhouse ceiling fixtures.

Dollhouse furniture from contemporary to copies of antiques. In most cases the age and style of the dollhouse dictates the interior decoration and furniture. The Doll House Elora carries a wide range of dollhouse furniture , modern, antique reproduction and we even have a section of authentic antique dollhouse furniture, dollhouse accessories and dollhouse dolls.

A doll house wouldn't be complete without dollhouse dolls to live there! Dollhouse Dolls are available in a wide variety of styles, sizes and materials. The Doll House Elora offers a lovely selection of unique porcelain dollhouse dolls as well as vinyl and wooden dollhouse dolls for children that include removable clothing and tons of play appeal. When available antique dollhouse dolls are also available. We offer complete dollhouse families as well as individual dollhouse dolls.

Furnishing your dollhouse means more than just chairs, tables and beds. What about the TV, the dollhouse washer and dryer, and even the lawnmower and dollhouse sized wheelbarrow? Accessories for dollhouses include just about everything you would find in your own home. The Doll House Elora carries a full range of accessories including dollhouse dishes, clocks, dollhouse toys, pictures and dollhouse mirrors, lights, books,and even pets such as dollhouse dogs and dollhouse cats.

The Doll House Elora serving the doll house community in Ontario Canada for over 35 years!! We offer secure online ordering, great customer service, and are happy to ship doll houses to most worldwide destinations.