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SKU: 6.0.2021
Merrythought Teddy Bear 2021
Beautiful Merrythought Mohair Teddy Bear. This is Sunshine the Summer Bear, one of four available seasons. She is 14" high, is fully jointed with yellow romper, straw hat and basket. Excellent condition.
Price: $59.99
48.22 USD 43.94 EUR 32.39 GBP
SKU: 6.0.2022
Merrythought Teddy Bear 2022
Lovely mohair teddy bear from Merrythought, England. This is Teacher's Pet, the Fall Bear, one of a set of four. 14" tall, excellent conditioon.
Price: $59.99
48.22 USD 43.94 EUR 32.39 GBP

SKU: 6.0.2023
Merrythought Teddy Bear 2023
Blossom the Spring Bear, from Merrythought. One of the four seasons colletion. Bear is 14" tall, and is full jointed, made of mohair. Excellent condition with basktet.
Price: $59.99
48.22 USD 43.94 EUR 32.39 GBP
SKU: 6.0.2024
Merrythought Teddy Bear 2024
Christmas the Winter Bear, by Merrythought, England. Made of mohair, fully jointed, he is adorable. Excellent condition. 14" tall. One of a set of four seasons.
Price: $59.99
48.22 USD 43.94 EUR 32.39 GBP

SKU: 6.0.542
Merrythought Vintage Teddy Bear
Beautiful Original Merrythought Mohair Teddy Bear. He has pristine label on foot and side tag intact. Made of mohair, jointed at shoulders and hips.
Price: $74.95
60.24 USD 54.90 EUR 40.46 GBP
SKU: 6.0.1830
Merrythought Vintage Teddy Bear 1830
Charming Merrythought teddy bear. This vintage mohair bear is in quite nice shape, some mohair missing from an area on his back. Tag intact on foot. Approx 12" tall. Jointed at shoulders and hips.
Price: $45.99
36.96 USD 33.68 EUR 24.83 GBP

SKU: 6.0.2026
Standing Mohair Teddy Bear 2026
Beautiful vintage mohair teddy bear in standing position. Red vinyl collar is original. This teddy is approx. 8" long. Adorable.
Price: $39.99
32.14 USD 29.29 EUR 21.59 GBP
SKU: 6.0.400
Vintage Mohair Poodle
Vintage Collectible Dog. Adorable vintage poodle in remarkable condition. Made by Kamar in Japan, 1965. 15 inch tall with long ears, in sitting position.
List Price: $49.99
Price: $29.99
24.10 USD 21.97 EUR 16.19 GBP